CLOCK UNIT Secret Abilities in Toilet Tower Defense

Ary and I decided to play Toilet Tower Defense, but with a twist – we each got special clock unit abilities by spinning a wheel. Whoever won the 1v1 would get 5000 Robux! I told Ary to spin the wheel first and he got the Clock Maker's Curse, which prevents me from upgrading any clock units for 3 waves. A bit annoying, but I can work around it.


For my first ability, I got the Multiverse! This places any units Ary puts in his game, in my game for free. An insane ability I'll have to use later on. Now it was Ary's turn again. After giggling like a supervillain, he spun and landed on Time Freeze. This freezes all the toilets for 60 seconds…very powerful. I decided to spin again and got the Mystery Ability – a random wildcard power. Ary warned me it could backfire, but I ignored him.

The game began and I struggled with my starting loadout. Rookie mistake not having a starter unit! Ary was already placing Large Clockmen. I managed to survive by leaking lives and got a Chief Clockman down. With his spider summons, I started to pull ahead. Ary was still on the Large Clockman when I placed my first Guardian Clockman. Ary cried “Pro Moves” sarcastically, but I assured him I was pro gamer status.

Ary struggled on wave 12 and had to “re-strategize” by placing more Santas. I hit him with the Multiverse on wave 23 and got a free upgraded Titan Clockman in my game! The toilets came fast on wave 25 due to Clock Maker’s Curse, but I couldn’t upgrade anyway. After it wore off, I spammed upgrades to catch up.

On wave 35, I considered using Time Travel to speed up Ary’s game, but he begged me not to. I waited till wave 40 when he was clearly struggling and activated it, speeding him up by 1.5x for 5 waves! He cried about it, but deserved payback for cursing me earlier. I dealt with a tough Boss Toilet at wave 45, but clutched it with the Titans.

At wave 50, I still had the Mystery Ability unused. Ary dared me to use it, but I decided to wait for the right moment. Out of nowhere, a Glitch Toilet appeared on wave 55! I quickly rewound time to erase its existence. Lifesaver! Ary reached wave 60, but I was ahead at 63. I struggled a bit, but an Ultra Time Stop let me clutch up to 64. One more wave and I’d win!

The final wave started and Ary was still 10 waves behind. This was my chance! I activated the Mystery Ability and it gave me 3 fully upgraded Titan Clockmen for free. Completely busted! I smashed through the last wave with ease while Ary lagged out and lost connection. What an epic trouncing! The CLOCK abilities made for crazy back and forth gameplay. GGs to Ary and let me know what other tower defense games we should try! Smash like and subscribe for more content.