The Hardest Trick to Master in Rocket League – The Musty Flick

Rocket League is a game where mastering aerial car control and difficult tricks separates the pros from the amateurs. After thousands of hours in the game and pushing the limits of what is possible, one trick has stood above the rest as the most technically demanding—the Musty Flick. 


What is a Musty Flick?

A Musty Flick involves flipping your car upside down while in mid-air, then using the momentum from the flip to powerfully flick the ball with your car's underside towards the goal. Executing the flip precisely and making solid contact with the ball is incredibly difficult even for the best Rocket League players.

To perform a Musty Flick, you must:

  • Jump off the wall or floor while boosting upwards to gain height
  • Flip your car upside down by tilting backward as you reach the peak of your jump
  • Time the downward momentum from the flip to flick the ball powerfully toward the goal

Mastering all three steps in sync takes an immense amount of practice due to the limited window of opportunity and precision required. Even top Rocket League professionals struggle with consistency on Musty Flicks in competitive matches.

The History of the Musty Flick

The first known Rocket League player to popularize the trick was Kamii, a long-time pro who posted a tutorial video showcasing it in 2018. However, it gained widespread notoriety after Musty, another prominent content creator, began incorporating it into his montage clips that same year.

Since then, more pros likescrub Killa, Alpha54, and JKnaps have taken the mechanic to new levels by scorning seemingly impossible Musty Flick goals in high-pressure tournament matches.

While the trick was theoretically possible since the earliest days of Rocket League, it took years for players to recognize its potency and push the limits of what could be done. Now, mastering various Musty Flick variants is seen as a yardstick for the peak of player ability.

Challenges of the Musty Flick

So what makes the Musty Flick so improbably difficult to perfect?

Timing – You have a minuscule window to flip upside down and flick the ball, requiring near-frame-perfect inputs on the opponent's goal.

Control – Flipping upside down inherently causes a loss of car control that must be counteracted to place the ball.

Power – Generating enough forceful momentum on the flick to score from a distance is no easy task.

Consistency – Even top players struggle to recreate the technique regularly under pressure.

Creativity – Mastering countless fakes, flicks, and redirects off Musty Flick setups takes endless problem-solving.

These hurdles are what separates those who can only hope to hit the trick in free play from those conquering it in LAN finals. True mastery may remain out of reach for even the greatest Rocket Leaguers.

The Future of the Musty Flick

While the Musty Flick may long hold a reputation as Rocket League's preeminent high-level mechanic, pro players continually find new ways to challenge what's possible.

Variations like rear-view Musty Flicks, flip resets off the technique, and chaining multiple Musty Flicks together show the trick still has uncharted potential.

As a new generation of players enters esports, we can expect even crazier Musty Flick maneuvers that further cement its legendary status.

Whether future titles in the franchise unlock new creative possibilities also remains to be seen. For now, aspiring pros continue grinding to etch their name in Musty Flick's high-score history.

Through sheer perseverance and obsessive replay analysis, a chosen few may one day reign as the absolute masters of Rocket League's most stunning—yet daunting—trick. But dominance over the Musty Flick will forever remain the pinnacle achievement few can ever truly attain.