How to get all 10 Tickets and All 5 Tokens from Roblox Blade Ball?

How to get all 10 Tickets and All 5 Tokens from Roblox Blade Ball

Roblox Blade Ball has a classic Roblox event going on right now where you can collect 10 tickets and 5 tokens by finding them hidden around the Blade Ball maps. Here is a complete guide on how to find all 10 tickets and 5 tokens in Blade Ball.


Overview of the Event

When you join Blade Ball, walk up to the Roblox Classic portal. 1x1x1x1 will explain the event quests to you. There are quests to play 5 games, eliminate players, and find hidden tickets. Completing quests earns you XP towards unlocking the 5 tokens and other rewards.

It takes some grinding to get all the tokens and tickets. I've found the tickets faster to obtain than the tokens. The tokens require more XP from quests. There is also a 1x1x1x1 boss battle you can do in-game if skilled players can defeat him quickly.

Finding the Hidden Tickets

There are 10 hidden tickets scattered around the Blade Ball maps. I will list all ticket locations in order below:

  • Hyperfight – Found on the side flame pillar
  • Moon Base – Found above the tunnel by a creator's name
  • Arena – Between two pillars near orange barrier
  • Times Square – In the tree
  • Enchanted Forest – On the bouncy mushroom
  • Ocean – By the sunken treasure chest
  • Ancient – To the right of the map near stone pillar
  • Enchanted Desert – At the top of a palm tree
  • Olympus – Use frontflips on pillows or flight ability to reach floating platform
  • Underworld – Next to the lava cracks

The super jump ability in the skills menu helps grabbing tickets, but double jump works too. Check behind objects and explore the maps thoroughly to find all 10 tickets.

Obtaining the 5 Tokens

The 5 tokens are earned over time by gaining XP and completing quests. Kill players, play matches, and find tickets to progress. When you level up, you can claim a token plus Bloxy Cola rewards.

It takes about 2-3 hours of gameplay to earn all 5 tokens by grinding XP. Play on populated servers and utilize XP boosts if possible. Defeating the boss gives a large chunk of XP as well.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use an AoE damage ability like Earthquake to quickly complete the player elimination quests.
  • Play on VIP servers if you want the boss to yourself for guaranteed fast kills.
  • Stack XP boosts from the shop with the 2x XP weekends for maximum Blade ball token grinding efficiency.
  • Team up with skilled players who can rapidly defeat the boss to speed up XP gains.
  • Remember you can double jump to reach higher ticket locations.
  • Leave and rejoin matches to respawn tickets you already got that round.

With some perseverance and these tips, you'll have all 10 Blade Ball tickets and 5 tokens in no time. It may take a few hours, but the collectibles are limited time only. Grab them before the event ends!

Thanks for reading and hope this guide helps you collect everything during this classic Roblox event. Enjoy the fun nostalgia and rewards in Blade Ball!