How To Master the Air Roll in Rocket League 2024?

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on mastering the air roll in Rocket League 2024. Whether you're just starting or looking to refine your skills, this guide will help you navigate through the nuances of air rolls, including settings, controls, and drills. Let's dive in!


In this guide, I'll be showing you how to master directional air roll and free air roll. We’ll cover my personal settings, keybinds, and some effective drills. Stick around to the end for all the details!

Step 1: Setup Your Controls and Settings

Controller Settings

Before diving into practice, make sure your controller settings are optimized for your playstyle. Here are my settings, but remember, every controller is different, so adjust according to what feels comfortable for you:

  • Steering/Aerial Sensitivity: Customize based on your preference.

  • Controller Dead Zones: Adjust these to match your controller’s response. Test in free play to find what works best.


Here's a breakdown of my keybinds:

  • Boost: RB (Right Bumper)

  • Power Slide / Air Roll: LB (Left Bumper) – Double binded for ground power slides and aerial rolls.

  • Normal Air Roll: X – Useful for quick turns and recoveries.

  • Air Roll Left: For more advanced maneuvers like air dribbles and fast aerials.

Step 2: Practice Drills

Basic Air Roll Practice

  1. Free Play Setup: Start by going into free play and enabling infinite boost.

  2. Initial Practice: Turn off ball cam, fly up, and practice air rolling from one side to the other without flipping. Focus on smooth transitions.

Advanced Drills

Once you feel comfortable with the basic air roll, introduce some complexity:

  1. Mess Up Intentionally: Perform flips and side rolls on purpose to practice recovery.

  2. Hovering Drill: Try to hover in one spot while air rolling. Move slightly to maintain control without drifting too much.

  3. Ceiling Touches: Roll up to the ceiling, get a touch, and practice making all four wheels land flat for better recovery.

Recovery Techniques

  1. Controlled Landings: When coming down from an aerial, aim to land all four wheels flat. This improves recovery time.

  2. Boost Management: Always try to keep a bit of boost for recovery. If beaten in the air, use your remaining boost to descend quickly and regain position.

Step 3: Mastering Directional Air Roll

Directional air roll is different from the normal air roll and requires additional stick movement:

  1. Analog Stick Movement: While air rolling directionally, you must move your analog stick to control your turns accurately.

  2. Practice Turning: Jump, boost, and start air rolling while moving your analog stick to get used to the new control scheme.

Practicing these drills and techniques should significantly improve your air roll skills in Rocket League 2024. Remember, consistency is key, and it’s okay to make mistakes as you learn.

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