How to GET Coins Fast in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense?

Earning coins quickly in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense can be very beneficial to upgrading your units and progressing further in the game. Here are some of the best methods and strategies for farming coins efficiently in Toilet Tower Defense:


Use Basic, Low-Cost Units on Beginner Maps

When trying to earn coins quickly, it's best to use only 1 or 2 basic, low-cost units like the TV Man on easier beginner maps like Turkey Town. Place the units near the front and use auto-skip. The goal is just to survive a few waves, not necessarily win. Getting to around wave 5-7 in just a couple minutes can earn you 30-40 coins per minute. Doing this repeatedly is an easy, afk way to farm coins.

Play on Nightmare Mode with Multiple Accounts

Playing on Nightmare difficulty earns you more coins per wave, though it is harder. Bring along an alt account and have it stand idle while your main account does all the work. This lets you earn double coins per game while still only controlling one account. We earned around 60-70 coins per minute doing this on Desert and Palm Paradise maps.

Maximize Game Length on Longer Maps

Longer maps like Palm Paradise take more time to complete, which means more potential coins earned. Place units to survive as many waves as possible. Upgrading units helps increase game length. We managed to reach wave 11 on Palm Paradise in 3.5 minutes, earning over 60 coins per minute combined between two accounts. This works out to around 4,000 coins per hour!

Take Advantage Before Maps Leave

Some maps like Turkey Town are temporary/seasonal and will be leaving soon. Be sure to grind these maps as much as possible for coins before they are gone for good!

Use Auto Clickers Overnight

Running an auto clicker overnight on beginner maps can rack up tons of coins while you sleep. Just be sure to set up your defense first and have auto-skip enabled. This passive income will add up quickly.

Play with Friends

Team up with friends in multiplayer mode. Having more players means more opportunities for coins each game. Make sure communication is clear on who should be placing/upgrading units. Combine strategies above for maximum coin gains.

Grinding coins in Toilet Tower Defense might seem tedious, but it's a necessary evil to upgrade units and progress further. The strategies above can help you earn thousands of coins per hour efficiently. Take advantage of these methods to boost your coin income and stand out from the competition!