Painted Rocket League Ved-ava II Wheels On Guardian GXT Showcase | Rocket Pass 3 Items | Goldkk

Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 is finally here, come with unique goal explosions, decals, wheels, experience boosts, and, of course, the brand new battle car – Guardian GXT! The 20+ free Rocket Pass 3 reward items will be earned by Premium owners too, alongside 70 more items unique to them, plus Premium owners will be […]

Rocket League Guardian GXT Designs – 5 Good Looking Painted Guardian GXT Cars with Rocket Pass 3 Items

With the arrival of Rocket Pass 3 on multiple platforms for Rocket League gamers, various new Rocket League items can be unlocked until July 29, 2019, like the Guardian GXT Battle-Car, Sparkler Antenna, Force Razor Goal Explosion, Spring Chicken Decal, Hydrographic Banner and more unique free and premium rewards. Check out the Rocket League news […]