Rocket League Car Designs – Best Cheap & Expensive Guardian GXT Car Designs

The third week of Rocket Pass 3 is here! How far have you go into? What Tier are you on? Have you gotten the brand new battle car Guardian GXT? It has been one of the most popular car in Rocket League trading market now, with its cool stunning out-looking! So if you still don’t have one and love using Dominus hitbox, we think you should go to collect one! And if you already have one, but have trouble in creating a unique eyes catching design for it! Then you are on the right place!


Here we are going to showcase the best Rocket League Guardian GXT Car Designs for you, the first four designs are all in budget costing lower 158 Rocket League keys, while the last one would one of the most expensive car design in the game now with costing around 240 keys on PC now:

Design 1

Body: Black Guardian GXT (Primary: Pearlescent M – C7R8 / Accent: Anodized – C4R4)

Decal: Vigilance

Wheels: Shazam!

Boost: Orange Thermal

Trail: Orange Tachyon III

Prices: PC – 8 Keys / PS4 – 12 Keys


Design 2

Body: Black Guardian GXT (Primary: Pearlescent M – C4R8 / Accent: Matte – C7R1)

Decal: O.H.W

Wheels: Crimson Hikarips

Boost: Crimson Thermal

Trail: Black Tachyon III

Prices: PC – 10 Keys / PS4 – 13 Keys


Design 3

Body: Grey Guardian GXT (Primary: Glitter – C4R8 / Accent: Anodized – C4R4)

Decal: Skiver

Wheels: Celestial I

Boost: Flamethrower

Trail: Orange Tachyon III

Prices: PC – 5 Keys / PS4 – 7 Keys


Design 4

Body: Cobalt Guardian GXT (Primary – C5R6 / Accent: Anodized – C4R11)

Decal: Intrudium

Wheels: VED-ABA II

Boost: Blue Flamethrower

Trail: Cobalt Tachyon III

Prices: PC – 11 Keys / PS4 – 14 Keys / Xbox One – 14 Keys


Design 5

Body: White Guardian GXT (Primary – C3R5 / Accent: Anodized – C1R1)

Decal: White Hex Tide

Wheels: White Emerald

Boost: White Helios

Trail: White Tachyon III

Prices: PC – 240 Keys


Watch the below video from Glossy – Rocket League Art to view all these designs:

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