Rocket League Guardian GXT Designs – 5 Good Looking Painted Guardian GXT Cars with Rocket Pass 3 Items

With the arrival of Rocket Pass 3 on multiple platforms for Rocket League gamers, various new Rocket League items can be unlocked until July 29, 2019, like the Guardian GXT Battle-Car, Sparkler Antenna, Force Razor Goal Explosion, Spring Chicken Decal, Hydrographic Banner and more unique free and premium rewards. Check out the Rocket League news update on, you can get all details about the Rocket Pass 3 items and contents. Next, we’ll introduce top 5 good looking and cool custom Rocket League Guardian GXT designs with items details, hope one or more of them meet your style.


Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Items – Painted Guardian GXT Car Designs
1. Rocket League Pink Guardian GXT Design
Car: Pink Guardian GXT (Primary-C8-R7, Accent-C13-R2)
Decal: Fire God
Wheels: Pink Ved-ava II
Antenna: Sparkler III


2. Rocket League Crimson Guardian GXT Design
Car: Crimson Guardian GXT(Primary-C4-R7)
Decal: Labyrinth
Wheels: Crimson Visionary
Antenna: Sparkler III


3. Rocket League Orange Guardian GXT Design
Car: Orange Guardian GXT(Primary-C5-R4)
Decal: Labyrinth
Wheels: Orange Galvan
Antenna: Sparkler III


4. Rocket League Cobalt Guardian GXT Design
Car: Cobalt Guardian GXT (Primary-C1-R7, Accent-C10-R5)
Decal: Dissolver
Wheels: Cobalt Metal Work
Antenna: Sparkler III


5. Rocket League Burnt Sienna Guardian GXT Design
Car: Burnt Sienna Guardian GXT (Primary-C3-R3, Accent-C4-R3)
Decal: Heatwave
Wheels: Orange Polaris
Antenna: Sparkler III


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