3 Beautiful Budget Rocket League Designs Octane – Best Designs With Cheap RL Items

Are you constantly missing your aerials whiffing those kickoffs or do you keep getting demoed because nobody wants to look at that stock tape well, then check below 3 beautiful budget Rocket League designs, get your dream car with least Rocket League keys.


The rising dragon is probably my favorite design. it’s cheap and looks good. It’s thematic and it remains clean and classy while still being flashy at the same time, now the key piece of the design is obviously the octane Dragonlord which on steam will cost you about half a key and that’s just due to the fact that it’s a rare decal. We complement that with some sleek orange apex which will run you about four RL keys and an orange octane which is also probably gonna cost you about four RL Keys. With all these designs you need to cost about a 10 key budget.


The second design is named after the Aero wheels and by default they have a very interesting blue and yellow combo, I think they look much better default than the monochromatic painted versions. It’s going with a saffron octane which is gonna run you about six Rocket League keys that’s quite a hefty price tag. For the trail, It can be going with a laser wave painted saffron and that should run you about 1 key so in total.


The Bulla is designed around a decal that is the CRL north decal, it’s got a beautiful ball design on it. I thought it was a cool color combo and it does seem to work together for the wheels.


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