Best 5 Peregrine TT Car Rocket League Designs – The Best Peregrine TT Car To Use Right Now

We’re back with a new Rocket League car design, the Peregrine TT is the car that be released by Rocket League on June 23, 2020, and getting it can be done through the Momentum Series Blueprint. It is shown in the official Rocket League artwork with CNTCT-1 wheels, Quasar boost and Peregrine TT: Crisis decals, all of which show that this is a nice car with a very nice design kit in addition to a cool car. Using some rocket league items will help the car design do better.

Rocket League Peregrine TT Car Design-1
Bodies: Peregrine TT-Grey
Wheels: Automaton-Grey
Decals: 20XX-Grey
Primary: C10-R7
Accent: C1-R4
PS4: 8.5 K
Xbox: 9 K
Steam: 9.3 K

Rocket League Peregrine TT Car Design-2
Bodies: Peregrine TT-Crimson
Wheels: Automaton-Crimson
Decals: 20XX
Primary: C8-R4
Accent: C6-R4
PS4: 7.6 K
Xbox8.5 K
Steam: 7.7 K

Rocket League Peregrine TT Car Design-3
Bodies: Peregrine TT-Titanium White
Wheels: Automaton-Titanium White
Decals: 20XX-Titanium White
Primary: C8-R5
Accent: C1-R1
PS4: 11.9 K
Xbox: 11.8 K
Steam: 14.6 K

Rocket League Peregrine TT Car Design-4
Bodies: Peregrine TT-Saffron
Wheels: Automaton-Saffron
Decals: 20XX-Saffron
Primary: C1-R6
Accent: C6-R7
PS4: 10.2 K
Xbox: 8.7 K
Steam: 10 K

Rocket League Peregrine TT Car Design-5
Bodies: Peregrine TT-Orange
Wheels: Automaton-Orange
Decals: 20XX-Orange
Primary: C5-R4
Accent: C4-R7
PS4: 11 K
Xbox: 12 K
Steam: 14.2 K