NBA 2K22 Gameplay New Changes You Need to Know

NBA2K22 New changes to gameplay, after EA revealed NBA22 about new cities, new music, and more, recently announced some new changes to the gameplay. Contains new badges, a new build system, dribbling, animations, and defense, etc.

Every part of the game has been newly improved, prompting a new understanding for players. In NBA 2K22, players will have more badges, which means players can adjust more attributes and quickly switch between configurations of badges.

The new build system looks at the game, in which EA added new modeling to give smaller players an advantage over big and tall players, highlighting the uniqueness of the individual, making the new build system more balanced and no longer a single form of modeling of power forwards, able to create many different types of build systems.

In terms of player dribbling, multiple NBA 2K22 cover players and star players from the NBA 2K series no longer dribble in the same way as before, putting more control under the player’s direct control, allowing for a variety of possibilities and more flexibility in dribbling.

New content has also been added to the animations and defense, especially the defense, with the shooting game and basketball system brand new being changed to use the defense to be able to steal and also upgrade to a new level.

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