How Fast Can You Score Every Mechanic in Rocket League?

The level of mechanics one can achieve in Rocket League is remarkable. However, for most players there are many advanced skills still left to learn. One player decided to take on the challenge of scoring with every mechanic in their repertoire to both test their limits and work on improvement.


The Challenger
The player, known by their in-game name "DudeBro123", had been playing Rocket League for over a year but still felt their mechanics were lacking compared to higher level opponents. While they could occasionally score more basic goals, the advanced shots eluded them regularly. They decided a structured goal was needed to systematically improve each aspect of their game.

Setting the Parameters
DudeBro123 chose 15 of the hardest mechanics they had ever partially achieved in a real match. This included shots like air dribbles, flip resets, pinches, and more. They would record each successful scored mechanic. Everything had to be done during online matches for an authentic test. No timeline was set, to truly focus on quality over speed.

The Initial Attempts
Many early games proved frustrating, as expected skills failed to transfer under pressure. Slow progress was made, with the first hour yielding only basic goals. It seemed this challenge would take lots of patience and practice to see through.

Breaking Through Barriers
After some breakthroughs in the second hour, motivation remained high despite failures. Small improvements kept the player pushing forward even when mechanics felt out of reach. Taking short breaks helped come back with fresh focus each session.

The Final Frontier
Nearly all mechanics were conquered, with just a few niche shots left to check off the list. Playing became more enjoyable once the end was in sight, albeit still very challenging. Trial and error, with the occasional bit of luck, would be needed to finally win the war of mechanics.

Victory at Last
Across numerous late night sessions and early mornings in free play, the player eventually caught that perfect ceiling pinch and sidewall pass to finish their quest. Though a lengthy 5 hours and 3 minutes in total, immense pride was felt in completing this massive personal goal.

A Lesson in Persistence
While the final time showed room for improvement, the larger takeaway was that perseverance, however gradual, pays off. Challenging oneself with structured practice like this can make even the most difficult shots seem achievable with enough effort over time. DudeBro123 looked forward to their next mechanics mountain to climb.