Top 5 Rocket League Dingo Car Designs- With Encryption Decals and Ruinator Wheels

Is It the Dingo: New “Best Car” in Rocket League?  Dingo is a series of models launched in the third quarter of 2021 and is very popular. Dingo has an Octane collision box, which does not seem to be much different from Fennec, the main difference is that the back end is longer. Players can obtain wild dogs by buying from the item store or building through blueprints. Those who don’t mind playing with cars will have to wait for it to appear as a blueprint. Today, sharing 5 unique rocket league car design. Look for these new rocket league items in the item store as soon as possible!

Rocket League Dingo Car-1
Bodies: Burnt Sienna Dingo
Wheels: Burnt Sienna Ruinator
Decals: Burnt Sienna Encryption
Primary: C7-R2
Accent: C7-R4

Rocket League Dingo Car-2
Bodies: Forest Green Dingo
Wheels: Forest Green Ruinator
Decals: Forest Green Encryption
Primary: C2-R6
Accent: C3-R4

Rocket League Dingo Car-3
Bodies: Orange Dingo
Wheels: Orange Ruinator
Decals: Orange Encryption
Primary: C5-R4
Accent: C4-R4

Rocket League Dingo Car-4
Bodies: Pink Dingo
Wheels: Pink Ruinator
Decals: Pink Encryption
Primary: C10-R4
Accent: C13-R1

Rocket League Dingo Car-5
Bodies: Sky Blue Dingo
Wheels: Sky Blue Ruinator
Decals: Sky Blue Encryption
Primary: C4-R4
Accent: C3-R4