Best 5 Classic Rocket League Centio Car Designs with Mainframe and Ruinator

Today, brings you 5 rocket league centio car design. Rocket league Centio, formerly known as Centio V17, is a chariot released on July 5, 2017. It has been released for more than 4 years. At present, everyone still loves this car. As part of the two-year anniversary update, the way to obtain it is From Overdrive Crate. The official artwork shows Centio with turbo wheels and magic missile rocket boosters.

Rocket League Centio Car Design-1
Bodies: Burnt Sienna Centio
Wheels: Burnt Sienna Ruinator: Inverted
Decals: Burnt Sienna Mainframe
Primary: C7-R2
Accent: C4-R6

Rocket League Centio Car Design-2
Bodies: Orange Centio
Wheels: Orange Ruinator: Inverted
Decals: Orange Mainframe
Primary: C7-R4
Accent: C4-R5

Rocket League Centio Car Design-3
Bodies: Forest Green Centio
Wheels: Forest Green Ruinator: Inverted
Decals: Forest Green Mainframe
Primary: C2-R7
Accent: C13-R4

Rocket League Centio Car Design-4
Bodies: Lime Centio
Wheels: Lime Ruinator: Inverted
Decals: Lime Mainframe
Primary: C1-R4
Accent: C5-R5

Rocket League Centio Car Design-5
Bodies: Pink Centio
Wheels: Pink Ruinator: Inverted
Decals: Pink Mainframe
Primary: C10-R4
Accent: C14-R1

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