Best Rocket League Season Pass 4 Design – Top 4 Best Rocket Pass 4 Designs

We finally have consolidated items in Rocket League Pass 4. Do you want to have the most overpowered car in Rocket League? There are Bacchus mods and some of the coolest Rocket League items you can expect. Next, we are bringing you the best Rocket League car designs that using the items from Rocket Pass 4.


Best Rocket League Season Pass 4 Car Design – Top 4 Best Rocket Designs

1. Rocket League Pass 4 Car Designs

Designer number one, we are going to start with an octane unpainted on the blue side. On the orange side, we want an octane orange, so on the orange, you want to throw octane orange then you’re going to jump straight over the trail. For trail, you’re going to look up season 4 diamond if you have it because season 4 diamond definitely pops. On the blue side, you want pixel pointer orange on the orange side. As for the boosts, you’re going to want flamethrower black. Then you want season eight gold on the orange side.

Body: Octane

Pain Finish 7-1, 1-5

Wheels: Dimonix

Decals: Vaticinator Cobalt

Trail: Season 4 – Diamond

Boost: Flamethrower


2. Rocket League Pass 4 Car Designs

This is the Tyranno GXT unpainted for the blue side and then on the orange side, you want titanium white. For the blue side on the trail, you want to do Tachyon II which looks clean, and then a rumble strip for the orange side. Boost you’re going to do timeline unpainted and then sparkles unpainted for the orange side. You do not need to do any special paint finishes to this car design, just leave it glossy. The design is based on the recent Disney plush show Loki, blue side represents the sacred timeline.

Body: Tyranno GXT

Color: 3-4, 4-1

Trail: Tachyon II

Boost: Timeline Unpainted

Wheels: Gadabout

Decals: Tyranno Reviver


3. Rocket League Pass 4 Car Designs

Body: Octane

Trail: Flame Chain

Boost: Cirrus

Color:2-7, 7-4

Wheels: Oem

Decal: Heat Lightning


4. Rocket League Pass 4 Car Designs

Body: Jager 619 Titanium White

Trail: Hack Swerve

Boost: Spring Flowers

Color: 3-4(Ribbon Candy), 9-4 (Anodized)

Wheels: Haunted Hoss

Decals: Jager 619, Cavazos

Topper: Dead Horse