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Welcome to our new Best Rocket League Car Designs guide, today let’s show you some cool octane designs with the one of the popular black market decal – Hex Tide! Now follow us to check out the Top 5 Hex Tide Designs of all time!


Top 5 Painted Hex Tide Designs On Octane

Hex Tide is a paintable black market decal from the Ferocity Crate released on February 25, 2019. So you can get it by opening the crate or trade it from Rocket League market. As a global mystery decal, it can be set on all battle cars. Black Market Decals are one of the most sought-after Rocket League Items, so no doubt Hex Tide is very popular in market now and its painted versions cost over 20 keys in market now. The price for titanium white Hex Tide really is insane with costing over 100 keys in market. The price will sink when there are more painted Hex Tides on the market, but the decal looks very nice, not gonna lie!

One is the most sought-after black market decal and one is most used car, how do they match each other? Let’s check out the below top 5 designs, including the possible most expensive designs in the game – White Octane with White Hex Tide!

Top 1 – White Hex Tide Design

Body: White Octane (Primary – C4R7 / Accent – C1R7)

Decal: White Hex Tide

Wheels: White Dynamo

Boost: White Ion

Trail: White Tachyon III

Price: 258 Keys (PC), 180 Keys (PS4), 310 Keys (Xbox One)


Top 2 – Saffron Hex Tide Design

Body: Saffron Octane (Primary – C4R3 / Accent – C4R3)

Decal: Saffron Hex Tide

Wheels: Orange Zowie SE

Boost: Saffron Hexphase

Trail: Orange Tachyon III

Price: 37 Keys (PC), 33 Keys (PS4), 42 Keys (Xbox One)


Top 3 – Sky Blue Hex Tide Design

Body: Sky Blue Octane (Primary – C4R3 / Accent – C4R3)

Decal: Sky Blue Hex Tide

Wheels: Sky Blue Apex

Boost: Sky Blue Hexphase

Trail: Sky Blue Tachyon III

Price: 51 Keys (PC), 106 Keys (PS4), 169 Keys (Xbox One)


Top 4 – Purple Hex Tide Design

Body: Purple Octane (Primary – C10R1 / Accent – C1R7)

Decal: Purple Hex Tide

Wheels: Purple Zowie SE

Boost: Purple Flamethrower

Trail: Sky Blue Tachyon III

Price: 42 Keys (PC), 44 Keys (PS4), 53 Keys (Xbox One)


Top 5 – Crimson Hex Tide Design

Body: Crimson Octane (Primary – C8R7 / Accent – C1R7)

Decal: Crimson Hex Tide

Wheels: Crimson Gripstride SE

Boost: Crimson Thermal

Trail: Crimson Tachyon III

Price: 47 Keys (PC), 50 Keys (PS4), 72 Keys (Xbox One)

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