Rocket League Unlock Cars Guide – How To Have All Rocket League Bodies?

We explain how to unlock cars in the Rocket League, so you do not miss any and you can get the Trophy Collector battle cars.


Unlock cars in Rocket League – How to have them all?

The truth is that it is quite simple to get most of the vehicles in the game. There is only one who brings them a little more. So we explain what you have to start, what you have to unlock and what you have to do in each case to get them

There are 11 common cars in total, and we explain how to unlock each one, so you can collect them all and get the silver trophy. Battle car collector. In case you are interested here you have all the tricks of Rocket League.


Unlock cars in Rocket League – Start

You will have them from your first game, so you do not have to do anything to unlock them:

  • Gizmo
  • Octane
  • Road Hog
  • X-Devil

And do not think you’re not going to do anything until you get the others. The Octane is today the most popular car in the game, both among the most pros and amateur. It is perfectly balanced in terms of size, turn and glue, but mainly its angles allow you to drive the ball like no other car in the game.


Unlock cars in Rocket League – Random

Most of the cars in the game are unlocked in the same way. We simply have to play a game in any game mode, and randomly we will unlock one of the following vehicles:

  • Backfire
  • Breackout
  • Hotshot
  • Merc
  • Paladin
  • Venom

We can not do anything to get one before another, the process is totally random. Although that yes, it is also quite fast. We should not take long to have 10 cars in our garage. And we only need one to complete all the cars in the game.


Unlock cars in Rocket League – Sweet Tooth

The Sweet Tooth is the only vehicle in the game that requires a little more so that we can drive it. But neither is anything excessive: We have to win a game in any game mode with each of the previous 10 vehicles.

And this is the most complicated of all, so you can see that it’s relatively easy to get all the vehicles in the game.

In case you have lost the account of the cars with which you have won, you can check it in the garage. And finally, when you get the Sweet Tooth you’ll get the silver trophy. Battle car collector. If you want to create a unique car, check out our Rocket League Car Designs here.

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