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Welcome back to our Best Rocket League Car Designs recommend, today we are going to cover the mystery global decal Dissolver, one of the most popular black market decals in the game. How does it look on the most used car – Octane? Here we will show you the Top 5 Dissolver Designs for Octane.


Top 5 Octane Designs With Dissolver

Dissolver is from the Triumph Crate which was first released into Rocket League on April 3, 2018, which is one of the most expensive and sought-after Black Market Decals in Rocket League. It is currently worth approximately 20 – 100 Keys in market. With its dynamic out-looking, it can make any car eyes-catching, that’s why so many players want to have one. As a black market decal, surely it is very easy to match all bodies.

Octane is not only the most used card by normal players, but also there are the vast majority of pro players today use Octane. It is very effective with dribbling and aerial ball control, hits a sweet spot in terms of turning radius hitbox size, and shot impact. Octane has has great aerials, it’s aerial abilities are particularly critical in pro-level play, where drivers spend much of their time soaring to meet the ball in the air. All these make it best all-around car and the best pick for gaming. And refer to design, Octane is easy to be equipped with decals, wheels. And this is paintable car, the white octane has been the most expensive body in Rocket League with costing over 100 keys!

One is the most sought-after black market decal and one is most used car, how do they match each other? Let’s check out the below top 5 designs.

Design 1

Body: White Octane (Primary – C10R2 / Accent – C13R1)

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Season 6 Chanmpion

Boost: White Flamethrower

Trail: Purple Tachyon III

Price: 128 Keys (PC)


Design 2

Body: Sky Blue Octane (Primary – C6R4 / Accent – C2R7)

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Sky Blue Looper

Boost: Torrent

Trail: Toon Hydro

Topper: Great White

Price: 46 Keys (PC)


Design 3

Body: White Octane (Primary – C5R4 / Accent – C1R1)

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: White Rocket Forge Holo

Boost: White Helios

Trail: White Tachyon III

Price: 185 Keys (PC)


Design 4

Body: Orange Octane (Primary – C3R4 / Accent – C1R7)

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Orange Gripstride Inv

Boost: Magmus

Trail: Blazer

Price: 40 Keys (PC)


Design 5

Body: Sky Blue Octane (Primary – C5R4 / Accent – C1R7)

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Sky Blue Draco

Boost: Sky Blue Flamethrower

Trail: Sky Blue Tachyon III

Price: 52 Keys (PC)


All above designs are from the below video which is made by Glossy – Rocket League Art:


Thanks for reading, hope you do love these designs, if you are creating a car, and want to get some inspirations, welcome to check more best Rocket League Car Designs here.

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