Rocket League Gets FACEIT In-Game Integration: FACEIT Events, Closed Beta, Points, Features

The new big message regarding the popular car football game Rocket League has been released this Tuesday. The game of developer Psyonix has recently come into focus as Epic Games wants to buy the game and get it into the Epic Store.


Now the next big update of Rocket League: The London organizer of e-sports competitions FACEIT will get an in-game integration in Rocket League. The platform offers professional and amateur tournaments. Now the portfolio around Rocket League is to be expanded and improved. For this purpose, a new menu item is to be integrated directly into the game, which allows players to participate at the push of a button at the corresponding FACEIT events. The organizer has servers in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Australia.

According to the platform, the offers of FACEIT are used by more than 10,000,000 competitively oriented players, more than 10,000 competitions are created monthly and over 5,000 prizes redeemed.


All information about the FACEIT Closed Beta

A beta for this Rocket League integration has already started, reports FACEIT in the related release. Anyone wishing to participate can sign up for a beta code at THIS LINK. The closed trial runs for two weeks from today’s Tuesday, May 7, to the next Tuesday, May 21.

In beta, the full FACEIT player statistics collection feature will be available. There are also daily tournaments in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. The tournaments for Europe are based on the following schedule:

7 pm: Global Access Cup (All skill levels)

9 pm: Amateur Level Cup (FACEIT Skill Level 1-5)

9 pm: Medium Level Cup (FACEIT skill level 6-8)

9 pm: High Level Cup (FACEIT Skill Level 9-10)

11 pm: Global Access Cup (All skill levels)

All organized tournaments will be rewarded with FACEIT Points, which can be redeemed at the FACEIT Shop.


What is the feature of the in-game Integration?

The integration of FACEIT in Rocket League is to make all common competition possibilities, which otherwise offers the platform, also in Rocket League accessible. These include formats such as “Round Robin”, “Swiss Leagues” and Bracket Tournaments. Promoters also have free options such as chat, role allocation and permissions, ban and cooldown management, eligibility and eligibility requirements (country, region, IP, rank and so on).


About Rocket League

Cars and football? A comination that really can not be bad. According to this motto, developer Psyonix has created a title that has 100 percent internalized the motto “easy to learn, hard to master”. As the successor of the game “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars” (SARPBC), probably the longest game title in the world, Rocket League has made it into the hearts of eSport fans.

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