Top 3 Best Rocket League Rainbow Car Designs 2021

Have you ever sat in the Rocket League garage and thought what color car design to use? There are so many options, there are 13 different paint colors on Rocket League, it’s so hard to choose what color to make your car. What if we could just choose all the colors and make rainbow cars on Rocket League? Today we are going to show you some rainbow car designs on Rocket League.

3 Best Rainbow Car Designs On Rocket League

Body: Sky Blue Octane
Decal: Dune Racer
Wheels: Zomba
Boost: Glitch
Trail: Nascar
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Glossy/C4-R8, Accent – Glossy/C4-R7
This rainbow car design looks stunning. It’s with the octane and you can’t recreate this with any other ones because it uses the octane dune racer decal and a cool thing about the octane dune racer decal is it actually gives you a lot more colors than you would have thought.


Body: Lime Jager 619
Decal: Forest Green (Unzipped)
Wheels: Spiralis
Boost: Purple Tachyon
Trail: Lime Tachyon III
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Glossy/C4-R8, Accent – Glossy/C4-R2
It’s a very nice car, and it consists of the dark purples, the greens coming in the lime and the yellow, the red, then fading in it literally flows like a rainbow. This car design is sweet, everything is perfect.


Body: Fennec (Cobalt)
Decal: Almagest (Crimson)
Wheels: Astro-CSX: Inverted
Boost: Tachyon (Purple)
Trail: Tachyon III (Forest Green)
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Glossy/C4-R10, Accent – Glossy/C4-R7
This is more of a space rainbow, you could weak this around yourself. There’s a lot of Rocket League items you could use especially for the wheels. Astro-CSX wheels are space themed and that match the decal.