The Very Best Diablo 2 Act 3 Mercenary Gear and Weapons for Fire Druid

Let’s take a look at the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Fire Druid without an Infinity mercenary but with max talents, as well as the ideal gear to use for the Act 3 mercenary, in this article.

The Very Best Diablo 2 Act 3 Mercenary Gear and Weapons for Fire Druid

For the D2R 2.4 Fire Elemental Druid build gear, we use Enigma for teleport and plus skill, Mara’s for resistance and plus skill as well, Spirit and Aldur’s for run, work as well as flat life, any skill rings along with an Arachnid Mesh, and then Magefist as the best in-slot gloves. Lastly, we use Magefist as the best in-slot gloves. The thing that really brings the build together and emphasizes the strength of prioritizing these physical damage skills that we have is Fissure, which is the Flickering Flame, which is a perfect Diablo 2 Resurrected runeword for this build. Fissure also highlights the strength of prioritizing these physical damage skills that we have. Volcano provides us with an additional source of physical AoE damage while simultaneously increasing our overall fire damage. Fissure is obviously your primary source of area-of-effect damage, but Armageddon deals a significant amount of fire and physical damage to enemies in the area around you at a fairly constant rate. We are making use of Call to Arms and a Spirit Monarch solely for the purpose of buffing not just ourselves but also our mercenary and our summon in order to give them a more tanky build.
– Weapons: Call to Arms, Heart of the Oak (a flail), Heart of the Oak (War Scepter)
– Helm: Flickering Flame (Wolf Head)
– Protective Armor: Enigma (Mage Plate)
– Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope
– Shield: Spirit (Monarch)
– Boots: The Advancement of Aldur (Battle Boots)
– Two rings: the Wedding Band of Bul-Kathos and the Stone of Jordan
– Belt: Arachnid Mesh (Spiderweb Sash)
– Gloves: Magefist (Light Gauntlets)
– These are the enchantments: a Natural Grand Charm of Vita, a Scintillating Small Charm of Vita, Annihilus (Small Charm), and a Hellfire Torch (Large Charm).

The Best Mercenary Equipment in Act 3
When considering the D2R items and weapons available for the Act 3 mercenary in Diablo 2, the Crescent Moon lowers resistance by 35%, and the Griffon’s Eye increases damage by +5 elemental damage and -5 lightning damage. In addition, the Skin of the Vipermagi and the Ethereal Spirit each have a facet that grants them some FCR, in addition to additional plus skill, and some additional survivability from the resistance they provide. In point of fact, selecting Infinity as your mercenary weapon option is not required in order to play an elemental druid build.
– The Eye of the Griffon on the Helm (Diadem)
– Armor Comprised of the Scales of the Vipermagi (Serpentskin Armor)
– Shield: Spirit (Monarch)
– The Weapon Is Called a Crescent Moon (Crystal Sword)

The lightning damage done by Crescent Moon and Griffon’s totally nullifies the monster’s resistance to it, and the static damage does a full 25 percent of the monster’s remaining health each and every time it ticks, and it ticks throughout the entire field. The general public has the misconception that every single elemental build needs to have infinity, but the reality is that this is not the case. It all depends on what you’re farming, where you’re farming, and especially on a character like a druid that has such a large amount of physical damage component on all of its skills, Infinity is not the end-all be-all for gear option. The only reason Griffon is included in this build is for the sake of optimization, and another reason is that, due to the fact that the mercenary possesses such a high inherent resistance, Skin of the Vipermagi isn’t even the greatest option. It is really exciting for the overall health of the new build to be able to build out a budget mercenary on an elemental build like this, where all you need is a spirit and a crescent moon as the minimum gear requirements. Getting them something like enormous robes also goes an incredibly long way toward being able to increase the radius of their static.

It is essential to have at least one point invested in the Summon Grizzly ability, which is the reason why the Act 3 mercenary is the only other target on the ground. If the monsters were not looking at us, they were looking at the mercenary. When the mercenary is targeted, the monsters are much more likely to attempt to run as an AI or use lightning in charge blot. On the other hand, if there are no monsters targeting the merc We are attempting to use this instead of the Infinity mercenary in order to conserve some D2R Ladder runes, and there are other options available for doing so.