NBA 2K23 News: Start Date, Cover Athletes, Game Modes & More

Despite the fact that NBA 2K22 is still a long way off, many players have already begun looking ahead to the next 2K game. NBA 2K23 is, in fact, on its way. There have been several leaks and speculations regarding the next NBA 2K23 game, including information about its release date, trailer, star of the cover and cross-platform functionality.

Release Date, Cover Athlete, Cross-Platform & Game Modes: NBA 2K23 Rumors and Leaks
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Release date and teaser
What is the release date of NBA 2K23? NBA 2K23’s release date is still a mystery, which is often a source of anxiety for fans. Historically, NBA 2K games have been launched on a Friday in early September, with the official trailer arriving months in advance. As a result, NBA 2K23 is slated to be released on September 9, 2022, for PS4/5, Xbox One & Series, PC, and Switch. And the NBA 2K23 teaser is expected to be released in June or July.

Athlete on the Cover
Every year, much intrigue surrounds the identity of the magazine’s cover star. Last year, 2K22’s Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundles featured Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic as its cover athlete. It’s time for NBA 2K23 to get a new cover star. Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant is expected to be this year’s Standard Edition cover athlete, while other popular candidates include Stephen Curry and Trae Young. Cover star announcements are also likely in July.

Our NBA 2K23’s cross-platform capabilities? Many NBA 2K fans are hoping for cross-platform play to be introduced in 2K23 and 2K22, but nothing has been announced or leaked regarding this. There are a slew of prerequisites for making cross-play work. In particular, on PC, there would be several problems. While it is unlikely that NBA 2K23 will be cross-platform, one never knows.

Modalities for Playing the Game
NBA 2K23 will continue to run on current-generation and next-generation systems, with popular game modes like MyCAREER and MyTEAM returning. For example, The City was a next-generation feature, whereas The Neighborhood was only available to current-generation users. The platform choices will alter the game types. If the same modes show again in 2K23, they’ll make changes.

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