Top 10 Best Rocket League Outlaw GXT Car Designs with Vaticinator & Gadabout: Inverted

Welcome back to our column of Rocket League Car Design, in this post, the Top 10 Outlaw GXT Design Ideas will be presents. If you are still hesitating whether you should spend time and money to get this brand new battle-car, then you should take a look at these unparalleled designs.


Top 10 Rocket League Outlaw GXT Designs with Vaticinator Decals & Gadabout: Inverted Wheels

How far have you stepped into the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass? Anyway, there are some amazing items worth you spending time and money, such as the Outlaw GXT, Vaticinator, and Gadabout: Inverted. Outlaw GXT as the premium reward of the latest Rocket Pass in Rocket League, comes with painted variants that can be obtained randomly after Tier 70 of the Rocket Pass. The Outlaw GXT looks like the upgraded version of Octane, and share the same hitbox.

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Now you have the Outlaw GXT car and have no good idea to build it in unique way, follow us to check out the beautiful and fabulous Outlaw GXT car designs to get some great ideas for creating your own distinctive battle car!


1 – Burnt Sienna Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Burnt Sienna Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Burnt Sienna Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Burnt Sienna Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C7-R3
  • Accent: C4-R5


2 – Cobalt Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Cobalt Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Cobalt Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Cobalt Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C8-R4
  • Accent: C1-R1


3 – Forest Green Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Forest Green Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Forest Green Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Forest Green Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C2-R4
  • Accent: C15-R3


4 – Crimson Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Crimson Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Crimson Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Crimson Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C8-R4
  • Accent: C10-R1


5 – Lime Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Lime Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Lime Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Lime Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C1-R4
  • Accent: C5-R4


6 – Pink Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Pink Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Pink Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Pink Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C10-R4
  • Accent: C13-R1


7 – Orange Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Orange Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Orange Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Orange Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C5-R4
  • Accent: C4-R3


8 – Purple Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Purple Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Purple Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Purple Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C10-R3
  • Accent: C14-R3


9 – Sky Blue Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Sky Blue Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Sky Blue Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Sky Blue Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C4-R4
  • Accent: C10-R1


10 – Saffron Outlaw GXT Design

  • Car: Saffron Outlaw GXT
  • Decal: Saffron Vaticinator
  • Wheels: Saffron Gadabout: Inverted
  • Primary: C1-R5
  • Accent: C1-R3