Top 6 Elden Ring DLC Best Builds for Shadow of the Erdtree

The lands of Elden Ring hold untold challenges for the Tarnished to face. From Software's massive open world gave players countless ways to build their character and approach the game's many battles. Now the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree downloadable content promises to raise the stakes even higher with new bosses, zones, and mechanics to contend with. As Tarnished sharpen their blades and affix new incantations, evaluating the best possible builds becomes crucial to surviving what's ahead.

Here are six suggested builds proven effective against Elden Ring's toughest encounters so far that should translate well to the new DLC challenges. While experimentation is part of the fun, these options provide finely-tuned templates to aid players stepping into the Shadow Lands. With preparations complete, the hunt for Miquella and answers regarding the Erdtree's fate can boldly continue.


No.1 The Heretic

The first build focuses entirely on incantations that push the boundaries of Orthodoxy. Known as the Heretic, this character follows a Strength/Faith hybrid utilizing spells considered taboo by Golden Order doctrines. Sacrificing mobility for immense damage potential, great care is required to avoid retaliation.

Key gear includes the Commander's Standard halberd for melee options alongside the Faith-scaling Seal of Madness offhand. Madness incantations like Mind Sunder and Frenzied Flame provide potent offensive magic. Defensive spells like Flame Protect Me also help weather enemy assaults. With a penchant for darkness, Madness is this Heretic's path to power against any foe.

No.2 Dragon Knight

Channeling the draconic forces that once aided Fortissax, the Dragon Knight build prioritizes lightning abilities. Players take on the full Drake Knight armor set while wielding a Knight's Greatsword and Partisan spear. Both weapons gain further might through the skillful use of Drakemagic incantations.

Calling lightning down with spells like Dragonbolt Blessing and Thunderbolt enhances melee damage. Followers of Lansseax can summon a temporary lightning imbued weapon ash for additional ranged options too. This build strikes an elegant balance between close quarters combat and screen-frying spells to overcome any challenge.

No.3 The Black Swordsman

As his title implies, the Black Swordsman relies on offensive sorceries to match his deadly dexterity. Clad in the assassin Ronin set with Yura's skeletal mask, this ninja wields an Uchigatana katana dripping with Black Flame incantations. Slaying foes with the blade restores precious HP through its inherent abilities.

Pairing Black Flame Blade, Protection, and Fire's Deadly Sin incantations with the katana amplifies damage and lets this swordsman absorb attacks. Hit and run tactics whittle down enemy health before going in for brutal critical hits. The shadows themselves seemingly aid this dark warrior on the hunt.

No.4 Faith Berserker

Stepping away from tradition, the Faith Berserker blends spells normally associated with strength with intelligence-focused abilities. Wearing Godfrey's full attire with a greathelm, players take up the massive Great Stars greathammer two-handed. Its inherent leeching factor restores HP on strikes.

Selecting the Golden Order fundamentalist incantations Discus of Light and Law of Causality, this Berserker obliterates foes from afar while bolstering melee offense. Changing tactics on the fly keeps opponents guessing between hammer strikes and Sun attacks. Devout yet unconventional, this build exhibits resilience and versatility against all odds.

No.5 The Spellblade

Casters seeking a more dexterous approach will find solace in the Spellblade setup. Garbed in Rogier's leather armor, players command both the Carian Knight's Sword and matching staff of Lusat. The former acts as a sturdy backup for when enemies close the distance.

Focusing entirely on Carian sorceries, this Spellblade freezes, pierces, and shreds opponents from a safe distance. Sombering the staff to its max potential furthers its scaling with intelligence for amplified spell damage. Weaving weapon enchantments and glintstone magic, this battlemage defeats foes through finesse rather than brute strength.

No. 6 Rivers of Blood

No list of effective Elden Ring builds would be complete without mentioning Rivers of Blood. As one of the game's most notoriously potent weapons, the katana excels when combining its inherent blood loss buildup with skills that further augment it.

Putting attributes into dexterity and arcane unlocks the full potential of this deadly blade. Spells like Seppuku and Bloody Slash crank hemorrhage damage to extreme levels. Armor with frost or bleed resistors lets warriors stay aggressive in melee. Between seeping poison and slashing fury, nothing can last long against the Rivers of Blood.

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