Rocket League Crimson Sentinel Design

Top 10 Rocket League Sentinel Designs | Best Rocket League Car Designs

Welcome back to our Best Rocket League Car Designs theme, today we are going to cover the new battle car Sentinel, which are dropped into the game along with the Vindicator Crate.


Best Rocket League Sentinel Designs

The Vindicator Crate is a crate released on October 3, 2019, as the last crate due to the elimination of crates later this year. Players can obtain it by chance at the end of a match. This is the final Crate and it will feature the new Rocket League Items including Sentinel Battle-Car and Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion, NeYoYo and Clodhopper. The Sentinel is a paintable import car, can be obtained from the Vindicator Crate or through trading between players. And it has the same hitbox as the BvS Batmobile and Mantis. Most players think it’s looking cool and elegant. How does it look with black market decals and exotic wheels on it? It’s the time for Best Rocket League Car Designs, here we show you the possible Top 10 Best Rocket League Sentinel Designs, which features the new Glorifier decal and Clodhopper, Creeper, Picket, Apparatus decals.


Top 10 – Rocket League Sentinel Design

Car: Sentinel (Primary – C5-R1)

Decal: Labyrinth

Wheels: Grey Apparatus


Top 9 – Rocket League Cobalt Sentinel Design

Car: Cobalt Sentinel (Primary- C8-R6, Accent- C1-R4)

Decal: Storm Watch

Wheels: Cobalt Creeper


Top 8 – Rocket League Saffron Sentinel Design

Car: Saffron Sentinel (Primary- C1-R4, Accent- C1-R5)

Decal: Slipstream

Wheels: Saffron NeYoYo


Top 7 – Rocket League Pink Sentinel Design

Car: Pink Sentinel (Primary- C9-R1, Accent- C15-R1)

Decal: Magma

Wheels: Picket


Top 6 – Rocket League Orange Sentinel Design

Car: Orange Sentinel (Primary- C2-R7, Accent- C5-R3)

Decal: Parallax

Wheels: Apparatus


Top 5 – Rocket League Forest Green Sentinel Design

Car: Forest Green Sentinel (Primary- C2-R5, Accent- C1-R7)

Decal: Intrudium

Wheels: Forest Green Clodhopper


Top 4 – Rocket League Sky Blue Sentinel Design

Car: Sky Blue Sentinel (Primary- C5-R5, Accent- C9-R6)

Decal: Spectre

Wheels: Sky Blue Creeper


Top 3 – Rocket League Lime Sentinel Design

Car: Lime Sentinel (Primary- C1-R2)

Decal: Biomass

Wheels: Lime NeYoYo


Top 2 – Rocket League Purple Sentinel Design

Car: Purple Sentinel (Primary- C10-R1, Accent- C13-R2)

Decal: Fire God

Wheels: Purple NeYoYo


Top 1 – Rocket League Crimson Sentinel Design

Car: Crimson Sentinel (Primary- C2-R4, Accent-C15-R4)

Decal: Glorifier

Wheels: Crimson Clodhopper


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