Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Start Date, All Contents, New Rewards

The Rocket League Season 12 and the Rocket Pass 4 are in the starting blocks. We summarize content and changes.


Rocket League Rocket Pass 4 Rewards

Psyonix announced the launch date for the new season of: It starts on 27 August. Only a day later, the Rocket Pass 4 also appears.

This time the Rocket Pass Premium includes the unlockable Battle-Car Mudcat. Ascending in the Tiers, you can also work on the Mudcat G1 (Tier 25) and Mudcat GXT (Tier 70).

There will be a total of 70 tiers in Rocket Pass 4. After you have earned all, owners of the Premium Pass can continue with the Pro-Tiers. This will give you Painted versions or Special Editions of selected items. Or you can buy these new 70+ tier Rocket Pass 4 Premium Items from a reliable Rocket League Items Trading store like

The Rocket Pass 4 starts on August 28th. Battle-Car Mudcat can be unlocked with the Premium Pass.


Rocket Pass 4 Weekly challenges

As in Rocket Pass 3, there are three challenges every week, each of which brings in three, five or eight Tier Points. This allows players to progress faster in the progress system.

Although the fourth Rocket Pass does not make much of a difference, Psyonix is ​​listening to feedback from the community and making minor adjustments: Weekly Challenges should not run out after their week is over. So you will be able to tackle them throughout the entire time of Rocket Pass 4 in the future.

The Rocket Pass 4 starts on August 28th at 6pm and ends on the 4th of December. The premium version can be purchased for 10 keys. For 20 Rocket League keys you get a bonus of 12 tiers. If you want to get some free keys for unlock Rocket Pass 4 Premium, welcome to play Free Rocket League Crate Opener here.

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