Best Rocket League Fennec Designs With 20XX & Camo

It’s our time of Best Rocket League Car Design Recommend again, today, let’s go over Top 10 Painted Fennec Designs with 20XX Decals and Camo Wheels. If you are thinking out build up your Fennec battle car, these designs will give you amazing ideas.


Top 10 Rocket League Fennec Designs

Fennec is one of the must-have cars of Rocket League players, which belongs to the Battle-Car hitbox family. As the Fennec is almost identical to its hitbox shapes, make it top choice for high-ranked players. The Fennec vehicle body was first introduced into Rocket League from the Totally Awesome Crate on July 1, 2019. While now, you can create default Fennec and its painted Painted variants with blueprints and enough Rocket League Credits, or buy from Items Shop with real money, or trade it with other players. Design it with the black market decals and exotic wheels, it looks amazing and impressive. In today’s articles, we will share with you the best Rocket League Fennec Designs.

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Best Fennec Design 1

  • Car: Fennec
  • Decal: Black 20XX
  • Wheels: Black Camo
  • Primary: C1-R3 Accent: C5-R2

Best Fennec Design 2

  • Car: Orange Fennec
  • Decal: Orange 20XX
  • Wheels: Orange Camo
  • Primary: C5-R4 Accent: C3-R6

Best Fennec Design 3

  • Car: Saffron Fennec
  • Decal: Saffron 20XX
  • Wheels: Saffron Camo
  • Primary: C1-R1 Accent: C7-R6

Best Fennec Design 4

  • Car: Forest Green Fennec
  • Decal: Forest Green 20XX
  • Wheels: Forest Green Camo
  • Primary: C2-R4 Accent: C3-R4

Best Fennec Design 5

  • Car: Cobalt Fennec
  • Decal: Cobalt 20XX
  • Wheels: Cobalt Camo
  • Primary: C7-R4 Accent: C3-R4

Best Fennec Design 6

  • Car: Lime Fennec
  • Decal: Lime 20XX
  • Wheels: Lime Camo
  • Primary: C1-R7 Accent: C4-R3

Best Fennec Design 7

  • Car: Pink Fennec
  • Decal: Pink 20XX
  • Wheels: Pink Camo
  • Primary: C10-R4 Accent: C12-R1

Best Fennec Design 8

  • Car: Purple Fennec
  • Decal: Purple 20XX
  • Wheels: Purple Camo
  • Primary: C10-R4 Accent: C5-R4

Best Fennec Design 9

  • Car: Sky Blue Fennec
  • Decal: Sky Blue 20XX
  • Wheels: Sky Blue Camo
  • Primary: C4-R4 Accent: C5-R4

Best Fennec Design 10

  • Car: Crimson Fennec
  • Decal: Crimson 20XX
  • Wheels: Crimson Camo
  • Primary: C8-R4 Accent: C8-R4