Best Rocket League Artemis GXT Car Designs With Interstellar & CNTCT-1: Infinite

It’s time to check out our recommendation of Best Rocket League Car Designs again, today, we are going to go over 10 fabulous designs of Artemis GXT with the black market Interstellar decal and CNTCT-1: Infinite wheels. If you are struggling in building up this car, these designs would inspire you.


Rocket League Artemis GXT Car Designs

Artemis GXT is limited rarity battle-car and the premium reward of the old Rocket Pass 3 which released on December 10, 2018. Artemis GXT have painted variants, and these could only be obtained randomly after Tier 70 of the Rocket Pass 3. But now if you want to get the battle car, you have to build up one with blueprints and RL credits, or buy from Item Shop (but the selling time is random). Surely, as the painted Artemis GXT bodies are tradeable, you can trade with other players or buy from a reliable Rocket League item shop like Anyway, Artemis GXT with its fashion looking, has been one of the most sought after battle cars in Rocket League, it is eye-catching after putting any of universal decal and exotic wheels.

The Interstellar decal is considered a part of the Momentum Series and is classified as a black market decal, which means it is one of the rarest blueprint types to be found in the game. So for most players who do not have a lot of credits, they can try to win the decal conventionally. A better way to obtain an Interstellar decal is to just buy it.


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Top 10 Artemis GXT Designs In Rocket League

Now follow us to check out the best 10 Artemis GXT designs with Interstellar decal and CNTCT-1: Infinite wheels:

Artemis GXT Design 1
Car: Burnt Sienna Artemis GXT
Decal: Burnt Sienna Interstellar
Wheels: Burnt Sienna CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 2
Car: Pink Artemis GXT
Decal: Pink Interstellar
Wheels: Pink CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 3
Car: Saffron Artemis GXT
Decal: Saffron Interstellar
Wheels: Saffron CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 4
Car: Lime Artemis GXT
Decal: Lime Interstellar
Wheels: Lime CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 5
Car: Cobalt Artemis GXT
Decal: Cobalt Interstellar
Wheels: Cobalt CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 6
Car: Orange Artemis GXT
Decal: Orange Interstellar
Wheels: Orange CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 7
Car: Sky Blue Artemis GXT
Decal: Sky Blue Interstellar
Wheels: CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 8
Car: Purple Artemis GXT
Decal: Purple Interstellar
Wheels: Purple CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 9
Car: Crimson Artemis GXT
Decal: Crimson Interstellar
Wheels: Crimson CNTCT-1: Infinite

Artemis GXT Design 10
Car: Titanium White Artemis GXT
Decal: Titanium White Interstellar
Wheels: Titanium White CNTCT-1: Infinite