Best Cool Rocket League Fennec Car Designs 2021 | Clean RL Car Designs

Fennec is one of the most popular cars in Rocket League, can be on a par with Octane. If you use Fennec in each game, just apply a cool Fennec car design! Here we bring the best Rocket League Fennec Designs 2021, as well as how to get Fennec in RL and the newest Fennec prices.


How to Get Rocket League Fennec?

Fennec is a must-have car body, but it’s not a free Rocket League item, then how to get Fennec in Rocket League?


Originally, the Fennec only can be obtained through the Totally Awesome Crates. Later, crates are no longer available in the game. But you also have the following ways to get Fennec.

1. Blueprint: players have chances to receive a random Rocket League Blueprint after an Online Match, if you get a Fennec Blueprint, you can use RL credits to craft the car.

2. Trade with others: trading is the most common way to get Rocket League Fennec, you can trade with people who have extra Fennec, sometimes unpainted Fennec sells at a budget price, but you should trade with players on the same platform.

3. Item Shop: Fennec is also likely to appear in the Item Shop, but it’s very rare.

4. RL trading site: the easiest and fastest way to get Fennec is to buy it from a Rocket League item seller, a number of Rocket League online stores offer the car body at any time.


Rocket League Fennec Prices 

You can check the instant trading price of Fennec on all the platforms at, including Fennec in default and other colors. These Rocket League prices for Fennec are indicated by Rocket League credits, and updated according to the RL trading market all over the Internet. The price of different painted Fennec varies much. The Titanium White Fennec is the most valuable one. The actual value may be a little different. You can also view the stats in the past 15 days and compare how it changes.

Rocket League Fennec Xbox One prices: 820.25 – 19020 Credits

Rocket League Fennec PS4 prices: 917.15 – 19005 Credits

Rocket League Fennec Steam PC prices: 832.15 – 17137.5

Rocket League Fennec Switch prices: 917.15 – 2177.5 Credits


Best Cool Rocket League Fennec Designs 2021 – Clean Rocket League Car Designs

Once you got the Fennec, you can use different decorations to create the coolest Rocket League Fennec car design. Here are some examples for taking a look.

1. Rocket League Sky Blue Fennec Design from GOLDKK

Body: Sky Blue Fennec

Decal: Sky Blue 20XX

Wheels: Sky Blue Camo

Primary: C4-R4

Accent: C5-R4

Rocket League Fennec Design 1


2. Rocket League White Fennec Design by Bumpy

Body: White Fennec

Decal: Black Yorebands

Wheels: Default Low Poly

Boost: White Flamethrower

Trail: Black Tachyon III

Primary: C8-R4 (Carbon Fiber)

Accent: C5-R4 (Carbon Fiber)

Rocket League Fennec Design 2


3. Rocket League Cobalt Fennec Design by Bumpy

Body: Fennec

Decal: Ribbon HBF

Wheels: Cobalt Orbit

Boost: Cobalt Crackle

Trail: Cobalt Tachyon III

Primary: C7-R4 (Matte)

Accent: C1-R5 (Medallion)

Rocket League Fennec Design 3


4. Rocket League Forest Green Fennec Design by Bumpy

Body: Fennec

Decal: Huntress

Wheels: Forest Green Holosphere

Boost: Forest Green Ion

Trail: Black Tachyon III

Primary: C2-R4

Accent: C7-R4

Rocket League Fennec Design 4


5. Rocket League White Fennec Design by Derose

Body: White Fennec

Decal: White Edge Burst

Wheels: Default Muscle Boy

Boost: Titanium White Ion

Trail: Crimson Tachyon III

Primary: C8-R3 (Anodized)

Accent: C10-R3 (Anodized)

Rocket League Fennec Design 5


6. Rocket League Crimson Fennec Design by Impact

Body: Crimson Fennec

Decal: Saffron Ombre

Wheels: Default Mistletoe

Boost: Crimson Helios

Trail: Saffron Tachyon III

Primary: C1-R7 (Matte)

Accent: C7-R5 (Matte)

Rocket League Fennec Design 6


7. Rocket League Titanium White Fennec Design from GOLDKK

Body: Titanium White Fennec

Decal: Titanium White Trigon

Wheels: Titanium White SPN

Primary: C5-R7

Accent: C1-R2

Rocket League Fennec Design 7


8. Rocket League Purple Fennec

Body: Purple Fennec

Wheels: Sunset 1986

Decals: Purple Mainframe

Primary: C4-R3

Accent: C13-R1

Rocket League Fennec Design 8