Rocket League Trading Enabled Again For Investigating Related Issues Within PsyNet

In the recent week, Rocket League Trading had been enabled on all platforms repeatedly, this have been causing some negative comments from players!

Recently, players on PS4 experienced the trade problem for many times, and every time took over 5 hours, it came up with a “trade thirty four has been cancelled” when players were trying to make trade Rocket League Items with each others, this has made players irritable! How did this happen?

Psyonix tweeted about the problem said that “Player-to-player trading is currently disabled while we continue to work with @googlecloud on investigating PsyNet issues that started this weekend.”, and they apologized for the disruptions this weekend. Then what is PsyNet?


What is PsyNet In Rocket League?

PsyNet is psyonix (the name of the company) network that enables one to play cross platform. So phy for psyonix name and net the network it uses.

As you know, you have to pay for ps+ to play online multiplayer in any game (to my knowledge) just like xbox live gold, and both services give you free monthly games/sales etc. So it isn’t all bad for them.

Also you gotta think about how hard it is to implement the ability for players to not just connect to the same servers regardless of platform, but for them to be able to interact with each other. The only way I think it would work is to join some kind of lobby server or somehow connect to the network, and psyonix’s network would then have your current username that it pulls from your steam/ps+ account, and then you can search for your friends current username, and send an ingame invite. However this could be impossible, I don’t know much about server/network infrastructures.


Has the problem of trading gotten fixed?

It seems not yet, as Psyonix twittered that “We have re-enabled trading on all platforms, and we’ll continue to investigate related issues within PsyNet. Thank you for your patience over the past several days, everyone.” From this, we can see the issues is still under investigating and waiting to fix, so we guess more disruptions for enable trading in the game will happened again. Anyway we do hope everything will be work well again soon!