Best Reocket League Car Designs In Budget – Breakout, Merc, Takumi, Dominus

Welcome and today we get some awesome Rocket League car designs for you based specifically on special characters from movies, games, etc.
Here is the list of the car designs you can expect to see here, and for more cool designs for all RL battle cars, you can check on professional Rocket League Car Designs here.
For each cool car design we will go through every single part and colour that you need to make the design. So without further a due lets get straight into the car designs!

1. Firstly I wanted to start with the Flash

Body: Breakout
Decal: Lighting
Wheel: Rat Rod
Antenna: Lightning Bolt
Boost: Ion Red
Paint: Toon Glossy

2. Next up in Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Body: Merc
Decal: Lighting
Wheel: Stallion
Rocket Trail: Snowflakes
Topper: Devil Horns
Antenna: Fuzzy Brute
Paint: Carbon Fiber/Semigloss

3. Now we have the Angel

Body: Hotshot
Decal: Wings
Wheel: Sunburst
Rocket Trail: Sacred
Topper: Halo
Antenna: Star
Paint: Metallic Pearl

4. Fourth car we got for you is Lightning McQueen from Cars

Body: Takumi
Decal: Chaser
Wheel: Rat Rod
Rocket Trail: Burnout
Topper: Pixelated Shades
Antenna: Lightning Bolt
Paint: Toon Glossy

5. Now we got to match with the angel, the Devil.

Body: Scarab
Decal: Chaser
Wheel: Servergate
Rocket Trail: Nitrous
Topper: Devil Horns
Antenna: Skull
Paint: Pearlescent

6. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got the Witch.

Body: Gizmo
Decal: Lightning
Wheel: Zippy
Rocket Trail: Candy Corn
Topper: Witch Hat
Antenna: Star
Paint: Toon Glossy/Pearlescent

7. Next one’s a bit of a scary one, we got Jack the Ripper.

Body: Dominus
Decal: Skulls
Wheel: Carriage
Rocket Trail: Nitrous
Topper: Top Hat
Antenna: Shodowgate
Paint: Pearlescent/Toon Matte

8. Lastly but not least we’ve got Bumblebee from Transformers.

Body: Takumi
Decal: Stripes
Wheel: Dieci
Rocket Trail: Flamethrower
Topper: None
Antenna: None
Paint: Toon Glossy/Toon Matte

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We’re always coming out with new content and new designs. Also, let us know in the comments which design was your favourite.