The Fastest Way to Rank Up in Rocket League

For many Rocket League players, the grind to reach the higher ranks can feel endless. But with the right strategy, you can speed up the process. After struggling to finish my placement matches in 3v3 competitive, I learned some valuable lessons on maximizing your rank progression.


Avoiding Dead Game Modes

We're nearly a month into the season and I still don't have my 3v3 rank. Most of the high level players just don't touch the game mode, so matches can be tough to find. I tend to avoid it for that reason.

Taking Advantage of Peak Hours

But I thought now was the perfect time to finish off the last five matches, because I was partying up with Arsenal and Coconut – two Champion level players. Our goal was to win at least three matches to get placed in a good starting rank.

Squeezing Out Close Wins

The first match against equally skilled opponents went down to the wire, with the game tied late in overtime. Some clutch plays from all of us helped steal the 1-1 win in the final seconds.

Battling Back from Deficits

Game 2 saw an early lead, but we fell behind and had to fight back. Arsenal's individual effort brought us level before my late goal sealed the 2-1 victory.

Learning from Mistakes

Unfortunately we came unstuck in Game 3, mistakes costing us dearly in a 3-1 loss. But it was a lesson that pressure gets to us all sometimes.

Epic Comebacks Build Momentum

Down 3-0 in Game 4, no one expected what followed. Some incredible teamwork fueled an incredible comeback, before Arsenal sent me a pin-point pass to force overtime, where I finished with the winner.

Clinching in Clutch Fashion

Game 5 was our toughest yet, with the lead swapping all half. But two clutch Arsenal goals in crunch time completed our 4-1 placements run, bagging me a Champion 1 starting rank.

The Lesson – Party Up!

By teaming with players actively grinding the mode, placements went so much faster solo. Winning most also boosted my MMR – putting me straight with players at my level to easily climb on from. Find teammates; it's the fastest way to rank up!