How To Reach Top 100 in 1s in Rocket League?

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to achieve a top 100 rank in Rocket League 1s. Reaching the pinnacle of 1s requires immense skill, experience and mental fortitude. In this guide, I'll share everything I've learned from my own journey grinding from unranked to top 35, including mechanics, strategies, training methods, and the mindset needed to succeed at the highest levels. Strap in – it's going to be a long but rewarding ride!


Laying the Foundation (Bronze – Diamond)


In the early ranks, focus on mastering core mechanics like dribbling, flicking, power shots, and accurate clears. Spend 30 mins per session in free play and custom training packs just working on ball control skills. Shadow defense is also crucial – learn to challenge opponents without committing. Avoid advanced mechanics until fundamentals are solid.


In lower ranks, opponents will make many mistakes. Look to capitalize by shadowing defense and picking off sloppy clears/centres. On offense, take shots from awkward angles that are tough to save. Rotate back post defensively and make life difficult for opponents trying to score open nets.


At this stage it's all about having patience and enjoying the learning process. Review replays to analyze your own mistakes and see how you can improve. Focus on implementing one mechanic/strategy at a time. Mute chat if toxicity arises to avoid distractions. Celebrate every rank promotion!

Climbing the Ranks (Champ – GC)


At higher ranks, opponents read plays better so flashier mechanics become crucial. Master advanced maneuvers like breezi flicks, flip resets, air dribbles, and ceiling/wall plays. Polish fundamentals through daily free play and customized training.


Learn shadow defense under pressure, powerful yet accurate hits, and fast aerial ability. Boom clears and don't allow long ball possessions. Mind game opponents by faking challenges and baiting 50/50s. Play the field position battle and learn boost management.


Utilize workshop maps, custom training packs, video analysis and private 1s lobbies against higher ranked players. Identify specific weaknesses and drill custom routines daily. Book coaching sessions to have Grand Champs/SSLs analyze replays.

The Final Push (GC3 – SSL)


At the highest level, mechanics become almost perfected. Fine-tune small execution details through rigorous free play practice. Polish advanced skills with pinpoint accuracy under pressure situations.


Elite 1s is all about reads, decision making and experience. Study pro player replays and analyze strategic tendencies. Emulate how the best players control pace, force mistakes and capitalize.

Mental Fortitude

Develop laser focus and calmness under immense pressure. Don't get tilted over small mistakes or unlucky bounces. Keep a positive mindset through losing streaks by celebrating progress. Avoid over-analyzing losses and dwelling on what-ifs.

Road to Top 100

Match Experience

Widen your match horizon by facing a variety of playstyles from top 100 players. Get accustomed to the speed, pressure and skill level of elite 1s. Exposure helps develop god-tier reads and instinctual plays.

Refining the craft

The small margin separating ranks at the top requires absolute optimization. Audit every aspect of your game through intense replay review. Identify any areas still lacking compared to peers and patch deficiencies. Polish consistency to perform at peak ability every game.

Mental Toughness

The peak of the mountain is a lonely, grueling climb. Develop mental fortitude to bounce back from defeats and stay focused during long sessions. Celebrate milestones to maintain motivation. Face potential burnout and plateaus with patience and joy for the process.

The Grind

A top 100 spot demands hundreds of hours ranked. Carve out time each day, stay dedicated to your goals without distraction, and embrace the repetitions needed to compete amongst the elite. Consistency and experience will accumulate points over time. Trust the process!