6 New Features That Will Be Coming To Rocket League

Rocket League is bringing a new feature originally from a popular mod called Bakkesmod. This is a positive sign because it could indicate that more features from Bakkesmod will be implemented into the game in the future, which is exciting. In this guide, we are covering 6 new features that could be coming to Rocket League. If you are looking for credits, keys, or more RL items, click here and buy cheap Rocket League items.


New Features That Could Be Coming To Rocket League
1. Free Play Ball Control Modes
Not a lot of people actually know this even PC players that use play ball control mode. But in the quick settings tab, you can change the ball control mode and you can change it to a few different things. So change it to air dribble mode. When you press buttons on the d-pad, it does different actions.


2. Team Free Play Option
The closest thing we have the team free play is just going into a private match with unlimited boost time and disabled goal reset. Use this to do some drills with teams isn’t that efficient like after you score it you have to drive back get the ball and set everyone up in the same spot. It takes a full 10 seconds to setup each individual rep. But having free play ball control on top of that would just be an amazing combination.


3. Camera Modes
It would be really nice if there were more camera modes. So that way we can see the spacing of all of our players, but whenever a goal is scored and the instant replay pops up it always just moves camera back down to where the instant replay ended. So then we have to fly back up to the top each time which is obviously very annoying. If there was a top down view right next to the director and autocam buttons, then that would be really nice.


4. Session Summary
There’s some pretty popular boxes mod plugins for this already. It just shows you how many games you’ve won and lost so far and what streak you’re on whether you’re like three wins in a row or three losses in a row and how much mmr you’ve gained or lost during the session. But they don’t even have to include that last part. We can definitely see that session summary feature adding at some point.


5. Better Organization Tools
Another long overdue feature is better organization tools for your garage also in the ama. They said: “We are definitely looking at ways to help players navigate their inventory for the items they want more easily. We hear you on how cumbersome it can be to find the exact item you’re looking for. It’s on our radar and we have plans to add features to help with this in the future.” So they haven’t really started that yet but they’ve confirmed that they are going to which is good. A lot of you might not know this but in the Chinese version of Rocket League, the organization tools are actually way better, if you go to your garage you can instantly a bunch of your presets already there in front of you and then you just like select the one that you want to use. It would definitely be cool to see them move that to our version as well.


6. Clubs Feature
Another thing is they are planning to do more with clubs in Rocket League. Right now clubs and rockets are just pretty much like an empty feature so you can’t really do much with them, you get these like letters next to your name and sometimes there’s a club match that happens if you go against another club. But at the end of the day that doesn’t really do anything but they did mention that clubs and other social features are high on their list and it seems like they do have some smaller things coming to them soon. But they can’t really make any big changes to them until unreal engine 5.