Rocket League Tutorial – How To Adjust Rocket League Car Body In The Air

Recently, a few events came to Rocket League game, such as the new update Rocket Pass 2, Frosty Fest 2018, Golden Gift. You must enjoyed that! A good chance to get best Rocket League items. But master RL skills is also important. So today, I’d like to bring you some Rocket League car body adjustment skills in the air. During the Rocket League game, Players just learned to fly but still couldn’t control to hit the ball well in the actual battle? It doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you some of the Rocket League operation and precautions of car gesture adjustment in the air. And by the way, do you want a reliable way to buy and sell cheap Rocket League items, Rocket League crates or keys?  Goldkk can provide you cheap RL items, and if you want to compare the price, you can also check Rocket League items price.

Be sure to follow this Rocket League tutorial.


Physical Rules
The “physical rules” here are not as complicated as you might think. We need to use fuel to propel when flying. When propelling, the angle of the body is different, the angle of propulsion acting on the combat vehicle is different too, and the effect of flight is naturally different. For example, the angle between the Rocket League car head and the ground determines whether you fly high or far. It’s like playing football in the real world. The bottom part of the football, the ball goes very high, the middle part of the football, the ball goes very far. So, I suggest that you need to find the right angle to get a comfortable posture in the air before taking off.


Flight Process Correction
Of course, not every Rocket League ball can have the desired angle, if you didn’t aim at the ball after taking-off, it does not matter, there are opportunities to remedy! Under these circumstances, the car and the ball angle is strange. How can you fix that? Let me tell you about the basic correction operation!


When the ball is around the body, you can use the left and right direction keys to control, rotate the body to the right and left corresponding direction , the body of the rotation is perpendicular to the body of this line as the central axis. When the ball is too high or too low, you can adjust it by pulling up or down the car’s nose with the up and down keys. But remember, when adjusting, you’d better not to press the button in a certain direction or push the button all the time. It’s recommended that Rocket League players who have just learned how to fly achieve the purpose of precise adjustment by pressing the button properly and adjusting it a little bit. As you can see the picture below.


The above are some suggestions about Rocket League car gesture adjustment skill in the air. Hope it’s useful to you! You might also interested in Rocket League Black Market Decals.