Best Rocket League Prices Review –

Since the Rocket League trading system released, to make a fair exchange, players have figured out how to regulate prices through various means with pricing mechanisms.  Some websites and spreadsheets that help players determine reasonable rates for their items. But where is the best place you can check out the Rocket League Prices? There isn’t a best Rocket League price tracker because none are 100% accurate to all prices for video game consoles, every price guide has its own advantages and defects. Let’s do a quick analysis of the Rocket League Items Prices sites to help you figure out which one you should use, today, we are going to cover the site: Review is a site crated for tracking Rocket League prices online, including player ranks and stats! As one of the Rocket League prices sites which are ranked on Top 10 in Google searching, what advantages and disadvantages it has? Let’s check out:


  1. Rocket League Prices for the latest items including the Golden Eggs are available!
  2. Their prices are calculated from trades, sourced from all over the Internet.
  3. You can check the key prices (the price chart) for one item over the last 30 days here.
  4. Prices for one item in all Painted colors or Certified attributes are included
  5. You can track player ranks and stats, do item trading with other players here, also can search one trader before trading on their Scam List!



  1. No individual RL prices list for each platform, their prices list is unclear for which console the prices are or if it’s general pricing across consoles.
  2. Not all tradable items’ prices are available, such as prices for toppers, paints are missed here.
  3. Hard to say if their prices are updated daily or if it’s only updated in a short span.
  4. Can’t not see details about each item, in especial the Rocket League crate items.
  5. No Quick Search can be used to find out one item’s price quickly.