Top 10 Best Rocket League Centio Car Designs with Mainframe & Ruinator:Inverted

It’s time for our column of Rocket League Car Designs, here we are going to present the Best Centio Designs for you, also cover some information about the battle-car and the ways you can get it. Not wordy, let’s get into today’s topic now!


Top 10 Centio Designs with Mainframe Decals & Ruinator:Inverted Wheels

Centio, formerly called Centio V17 (until mid-to late-2020, around the time of the Free To Play update), is an import certifiable and paintable battle-car released on July 5, 2017, as part of the second anniversary update. Centio shares a similar hitbox with a few different cars including the Artemis, Batmobile, and Sentinel. The Centio resembles various LMP1 cars, coming with cool look, so you can free to get any amazing designs by putting any universal black market deals or exotic wheels on it.

How To Get Centio Car in Rocket League?

  • It could only be obtained from the Overdrive Crate before, while now it can be gotten from Item Shop with Rocket League credits in a random limited time.
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Now if you are still hesitating whether you should spend time and money to get this cool Centio battle-car, then you should take a look at these unparalleled designs,which will give you some great ideas for creating your own distinctive Centio battle car.


1 – Burnt Sienna Centio Design

  • Car: Burnt Sienna Centio
  • Decal: Burnt Sienna Mainframe
  • Wheels: Burnt Sienna Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C7-R2
  • Accent: C4-R6


2 – Orange Centio Design

  • Car: Orange Centio
  • Decal: Orange Mainframe
  • Wheels: Orange Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C7-R4
  • Accent: C4-R5


3 – Forest Green Centio Design

  • Car: Forest Green Centio
  • Decal: Forest Green Mainframe
  • Wheels: Forest Green Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C2-R7
  • Accent: C13-R4


4 – Lime Centio Design

  • Car: Lime Centio
  • Decal: Lime Mainframe
  • Wheels: Lime Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C1-R4
  • Accent: C5-R5


5 – Pink Centio Design

  • Car: Pink Centio
  • Decal: Pink Mainframe
  • Wheels: Pink Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C10-R4
  • Accent: C14-R1


6 – Purple Centio Design

  • Car: Purple Centio
  • Decal: Purple Mainframe
  • Wheels: Purple Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C10-R1
  • Accent: C4-R4


7 – Sky Blue Centio Design

  • Car: Sky Blue Centio
  • Decal: Sky Blue Mainframe
  • Wheels: Sky Blue Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C4-R6
  • Accent: C9-R7


8 – Cobalt Centio Design

  • Car: Cobalt Centio
  • Decal: Cobalt Mainframe
  • Wheels: Cobalt Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C8-R4
  • Accent: C2-R4


9 – Grey Centio Design

  • Car: Grey Centio
  • Decal: Mainframe
  • Wheels: Grey Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C4-R2
  • Accent: C1-R3


10 – Crimson Centio Design

  • Car: Crimson Centio
  • Decal: Crimson Mainframe
  • Wheels: Crimson Ruinator:Inverted
  • Primary: C8-R7
  • Accent: C6-R4