Best Rocket League Sweaty Tryhard Car Designs

Welcome back to our special column of Best Rocket League Car Designs! In this post, we will present some sweaty or tryhard car designs that kyou can use in your rank games, still all the colors and items used for each of these sweet sweaty Rocket League car designs will be listed here.

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Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of the best Tryhard car designs in Rocket League:

Best Tryhard Car Design 1

Car: Regular Octane
Decal: Common Stripes
Wheel: Legacy Cristinao
Boost: Gold Rush (Alpha Reward) or Black Standardo
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Pearlescent (Matte) / C6R9, Accent – Pearlescent (Matte) / C2R15


Best Tryhard Car Design 2

Car: Regular Octane
Decal: Saffron Griffon
Wheel: Black Sunburst
Boost: Standard Yellow
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Anodized / C7R8, Accent – Anodized / C1R1


Best Tryhard Car Design 3

Car: Orange Fennec
Decal: Regular Deep Six
Wheel: Orange Glaive
Boost: Orange Monsoon
Goal Explosion: Orange Mister Monsoon
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Deep Six / C4R3, Accent – Deep Six / C7R1


Best Tryhard Car Design 4

Car: Yellow Octane
Decal: Orange 20XX
Wheel: Black Veloce
Boost: Black Standard
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – 20XX / C3R10, Accent – 20XX / C3R14


Best Tryhard Car Design 5

Car: Crimson Octane
Decal: Stipple Gait
Wheel: Crimson CNTCT-1:Infinite
Boost: Crimson Sun Ray
Trail: Ruckus
Goal Explosion: Crimson Force Razor II
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Stipple Gait / C4R8


Best Tryhard Car Design 6

Car: Orange Octane
Decal: RL Esports
Wheel: Black Veloce
Boost: Golden Cosmos
Trail: Friction
Goal Explosion: Crimson Force Razor II
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Anodized / C4R3, Accent – Matte / C7R1


Best Tryhard Car Design 7

Car: Regular Octane
Decal: RL Esports
Wheel: Black Yamane
Boost: Anispray
Trail: Lightspeed
Goal Explosion: Crimson Force Razor II
Paint Finish/Color: Primary – Anodized / C3R4, Accent – Glossy / C7R1


We kicked In this list of best Sweaty Rocket League Car Designs off with such a clean octane car design right here, and you can see that Octane almost occupies the dominant position, so it is not difficult to see why it is always the most sought after in the game. If you want to get more great design ideas of the Octane, welcome to check the most comprehensive Rocket League Octane Car Designs here.