5 Beautiful Octane Designs in Rocket League-Black Market Decals

Today we bring you the most popular Octane body designs in Rocket League. Octane is the default model in Rocket League when players enter the game, and it is also one of the best vehicles in competitive play. This guide bring you five Octane model designs! There are several designs are designed bodywork through black market decals, if you want to better join the Rocket League design, you can also reach the optimal design by buying Rocket League items!

5 Beautiful Octane Designs in Rocket League

Design 1- Rising Tiger
Car: Orange Octane
Decal: Octane SHISA
wheels: Orange Wonderment
Primary: C1-R7
Accent: C4-R4
Boost: Orange Sun Ray
Trail: Hot rack

Design 2- Octane SHISA
Car: Grey Octane
Decal: Grey Streakwave
Wheels: Black Dynamo
Primary: C3-R6
Accent: C2-R2
Boost: Grey Tachyon
Trail: Grey Tachyon Trail

Design 3- Shazam
Car: Saffron Octane
Decal: Saffron Future Shock
Wheels: Saffron Voltaic
Primary: C4-R8
Accent: C4-R2
Boost: Yellow Lightning
Trail: Saffron Laser Wave

Design 4-Cyclin
Car: Cobalt Octane
Decal: Storm Watch Black Market
Wheels: Cobalt Hypnotik
Primary: C2-R10
Accent: C2-R10
Boost: Gloudburst
Trail: Toon Hydro

Design 5-Illuminati
Car: Sky Octane
Decal: Trigon Black Market
Wheels: Sky Pyramidia Primary: C1-R6
Accent: C3-R10
Boost: Sky Synthwave
Trail: Lightspeed