The Best Hybrid Car—Venom in Rocket League

What is venom in rocket league?

“Venom” is a chariot released on July 7, 2015, and the game was released. It is classified as a “common” rarity. The new player must challenge the new driver to win the body


Venom car statistics

Venom model runs hitbox and hybrid body type stats. This is usually used for cars that aren’t quite an octane class, but also not a dominus. It has no exact match and needs its classification. Here are the venom stats.

Length – 127,02

Width – 82,19

Height – 34,16

Surface area – 34.242

0% Boosting – 2,345

100% Boosting – 2,014

Turning average – 2,21

The advantage is that your octane rating is stronger than the octane rating, and the ability to dribble in the air is also greatly enhanced. While the octane number itself isn’t as strict as the octane number, you’ll also dribble decently on the ground like octane.


Best venom design

Venom XXX (venom painted in titanium white)

The design uses contrasting red and black color schemes and 20XX decals to give the body a subtle dynamic flow. Sunburst wheels are painted in titanium white, which contrasts sharply with dark colors and is very eye-catching.

  • Decal: 20XX (primary color: red, accent color: black)
  • Wheels: Sunburst (painted titanium white)
  • Wheels: Sunburst (painted titanium white)
  • Decal: Venom
  • Boost: Standard (painted crimson)

Then, with the standard deep red enhancement effect, this is done to provide a complete player design that looks great when combined. Therefore, if you like the appearance of the part, please try holding these parts together by yourself.


At the beach

The next design uses light yellow and blue tones, plus solvent decals, to make the surface look like a slow beach wave. Come finish, painted blue sky.

  • Decal: Dissolver (primary color: sky blue, accent color: yellow)
  • Wheels: Aero Mage
  • Decal: Venom
  • Boost: Tachyon (painted sky blue)

For those who desire to swim in the ocean in the hot summer, this is a perfect choice. However, in the duel, you can still be a huge shock wave for your opponent. Must try this.


Retro venom

This venom design is sleek and professional. Use navy blue and white as the color scheme and retro sunscreen decals,

To provide a design that hints that the user is a cold and clinical game player.

  • Decal: Retro Sun (painted titanium white, primary color: dark blue (anodized pearl), accent color: black (matte)
  • Wheels: Meridian (painted black)
  • Decal: Venom
  • Boost: Thermal (painted black)

This keeps the black-painted meridian wheel simple and continues this way with the black heat-enhanced trajectory. This product is made in the minds of professionals who do not want to use bright colors or dynamic effects. If this is your preferred aesthetic, try this size.


Venomous car spiderman

Has advantages and some of the octane body’s best aspects, like shooting power and air dribble. The car won one race after another.

Coupled with excellent decals to personalize the compact design, this car is a complete package. Try it out and see if it works for you.


Above are the best rocket league venom designs, if you want to know more about venom in racket league or buy rocket league items, keep focus.