Rocket League Trading Guide

Guide specialized in sales and trades within the Rocket League.


How to start trading

It is very important to take into account some points before you start with this world of trades.

  • Have a reasonable amount of crates (In case of not having or buying keys).
  • Know the Rocket League Prices in the market well.
  • Be patient when publishing trades.
  • Be aware of the prices per item.
  • Never close with respect to the items that you are going to trade


Where can I find trades?

There are many ways to trade in the game, whether talking to users in online games, through groups of trade in facebook or discrod and the most viable and fast is within web pages specialized in the subject.

Click here to visit the page []


How to get Rocket League crates and items fast

Since there is not a 100% effective method for obtaining such items, I recommend playing games since there is a greater probability of drops.

If you find any article taking steps to get items faster let me tell you that the items that the game you drop are 100% random and you can never change those probabilities.


Offer and demand

What is this topic about?

In marketing issues, supply and demand is:

The price of a Rocket League in the market is determined by a balance between the supply (what is willing to produce at a certain Rocket League price) and demand (what you want to buy at a certain RL price).


Returning to the game, the offer and demand would apply as follows:

  • It depends on the object you have and how many units like that there are in the market defines the Rocket League price of it
  • It also influences if it is painted or not and its color, the more rare the color, the more value your item will have.
  • These Draco painted in white have a value approaching 90 to 94 Rocket League keys


Be patient when it comes to trading

This topic is very important if you are starting to trade, since you have to wait for the right offer to get a benefit to your Rocket League items.

For cheaper that your item looks like there are people who change them for things of more value.

An example of what I mention is the following image:

As you can see the yellow ray has a value of about 0.10 RL keys and the magic missile is worth about 1 key so looking and dedicating time can get trades like this.


Tradeables Rocket League Items Council

Well it is this section I will put the publications of the trades which I have taken advantage of in the way that I give and that I can receive what can be taken as a tool for your own trades

Before seeing the trades that I recommend it is necessary to emphasize the point of patience, these trades take time to perform them but when they are done they end up making a lot of profit.



I publish this guide before finishing it 100% since I want people like you to read this to help by contributing their ideas in the comments.

If you think that I have to complement something or add something or put another view, let it know and all your comments will be taken into account

I will be posting more information of the trades through a fence, trading in my account, to put cases where you can trade items taking out a salary