Rocket League: Real Physical Collisions and Wonderful Aerial Stunts

For today's fast-growing game industry, this is an era that stresses differentiation and there is no lack of differentiation. Compared with just being independent, how to match the times while having memory and irreplaceable is the most important thing for game products in today's market. Take Rocket League, which has been widely spread on the Internet recently, as an example. 

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Rocket League: Real Physical Collisions and Wonderful Aerial Stunts

Although mobile games are popular at present, end games are still an important area of the game market. Therefore, in the case of limited quantity, how to choose fewer and better products is very important. In addition to the background of the era of game fragmentation, people are not as motivated to experience an end game as before. Users' aesthetic appreciation has gradually improved, and the requirements for games have become increasingly demanding.

So this year, we can see that major manufacturers' choices for game introduction are no longer limited to boutiques. Fun, popularity, and popularity are also the key indicators they measure. On the positive side, the arrival of many famous overseas masterpieces in China has indeed created a warming atmosphere for China's end game market. Both players and industry insiders are concerned about when their favorite game will officially land in the national service.

So recently, when some media reported that steam's masterpiece Rocket League was about to land in the national service, it naturally attracted a large number of insiders and media. For those who don't know about this game, at the time node of this year, when there are a large number of end-to-end games, a previously unheard-of game suddenly occupied a hot topic overnight, which inevitably can't help but suppress instinctive curiosity.

One is a game gathering place that gathers high-end players from all over the world and is famous for its rigorous scoring. The other is the world's top authoritative honor known as "game Oscar", and the object of defeat is nba2k, FIFA, live, extreme racing, and other old-fashioned word-of-mouth games. Rocket League, as an independent game of leisure sports, has been applauded by difficult-to-tune and picky foreign players, which has proved the playability and quality of this game. In addition, not only players and judges but also colleagues who are enemies are not shy of their own Amway tricks. EA executives have publicly expressed their desire for a game like Rocket League and a team like Psyonix, the developer of this game, in an interview at the E3 game show.

In fact, as early as August 2016, Rocket League has gained popularity among Chinese players, especially the players of "watch pioneer". The reason is that some players pointed out that the new Rio Olympic chaos mode launched by "watch pioneer" during the Olympic Games is very similar to Rocket League in terms of gameplay and details. For the similar problems of the playing methods of the two game modes, "watch pioneer" did not give a response the first time. But not long after that, Blizzard's developers also recommended Rocket League to players on the official website: "Rocket League is great. I especially recommend anyone who likes our little fight to try this game."

If we discuss this matter from an objective point of view, Blizzard still has some reference elements. It is worth mentioning that before netizens were questioned, players' comments on the new model of "watch pioneer" were almost unanimous. Excluding the factors of the producer, the game itself is still commendable. As a netizen commented at that time, "the product that can let Blizzard put down its shelf and learn from is itself a curious thing. I also thank the" watch pioneer "team for creating a game called" Rocket League "for Amway in such a unique way."

Although Rocket League has received enough recognition in the industry and the reputation of foreign players, domestic players have been unable to experience the game smoothly due to domestic network problems, and its popularity in China is naturally not hot enough.

For this game, there are three main features. First, it is innovative and bold enough to combine the seemingly unrelated elements of ball games and car racing, which can be called the first in the history of the game. In the world of Rocket League, you can enjoy real physical collisions and wonderful aerial stunts using fantastic Rocket League cars

Secondly, its fast-paced and impacts full visual effect. Nowadays, with the acceleration of the pace of life, players' requirements for games are also rapid, refined, simplified, and even fragmented. However, most of the games that can meet this requirement have made sacrifices in the game experience, while Rocket League has not only accelerated the pace of the game but also retained the unique game experience and product stickiness of end games. Moreover, the spherical field and the surreal physics engine can let you enjoy the wonderful and interesting aerial stunts as well as the most striking visual effects.

In addition, with the popularity of e-sports, the position of competitive games in the domestic game market has a clear rising momentum. In the first few years of the rise of e-sports, players' requirements for competitive games were similar to those of MoBa and FPS, which were full of tactical style and intensity. Later, with the acceleration of the pace of life, people prefer to experience the competition in the game in a relatively fast-paced way, but at the same time, the most important operation depth and team cooperation should be retained. Therefore, leisure E-sports has also become a blue ocean in the e-sports market last year. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that compared with traditional E-sports games, leisure sports games have a wider audience and age group.

Therefore, whether it is a novelty, fast-paced game style, or leisure e-sports, the entertainment preferred by national players, Rocket League has a high degree of matching with Chinese players. Moreover, its theme is healthy. Racing and ball are almost the common game intersection of players all over the world, and the probability of acclimatization is low.

The reason why a product can be defined as successful or excellent does not entirely depend on the high starting point it has laid in the research and development stage. The subsequent refined operation is the key to the long-term survival of a game in the market. However, despite the popularity of the first generation, Rocket League still insists on adding more new features to the game based on the original version.

The developer of Rocket League said that the ultimate vision of the company is to make the game better and better, and does not want to lose any players who want to play the game. Although the production of sequels has very attractive potential income, they will not let players buy a game because of the addition of some new functions. Therefore, even after the game has been sold for two years, they are not in a hurry to produce sequels, but constantly update the current game.

Looking at the long-standing games in the market, although the success paths are different, the beliefs are surprisingly consistent, respecting users and adhering to the original intention. Such a conscientious developer, coupled with high-quality genes, the performance of Rocket League in national service is really worthy of the common expectation of players and the industry.