How To Farm & Buy Lost Ark Gold Quickly?

Gold in Lost Ark is one of the main currencies in the games. There are many uses of gold, and you can farm gold in the game. Many players struggle to get the gold that they need for their characters. For trading purposes and to improve your gameplay, you need lots of gold in the game. In this article, we will discuss the uses of gold and some methods to farm lots of gold. How to buy fast and cheap Lost Ark gold, you can head over to!


Use of Gold in Lost Ark

Gold currency is used for trading with other players in the game. The main thing about this currency is that it is shared between all the characters linked to your account.

So, before spending the gold, think very carefully. In addition to trading, you can also buy some gear or gear upgrades. When you reach combat level 30, you can use your gold in the market. You can farm items or craft them to sell them to make a profit. You can also buy items or gear from other players.


During buying or selling on the in-game auction house, you also need gold. Furnishing your private house in the game also uses your gold. You can also convert gold to a premium currency like Blue Crystals. You can donate gold to your guild for rewards and experience of the guild. Furthermore, you can also buy skins for your character with gold.


After reaching level 50 and gear score 250, you’ll gain access to Chaos Dungeons. The first two of them you do each day, each character will award you with extra rewards. Each Chaos Dungeons follows a similar pattern: you defeat monsters to fill a progress bar, if you defeat enough in 5 minutes, a portal to a new zone will open and the timer will reset. To complete the dungeon, you have to fill the progress bar without running out of time.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Methods

All your characters are given 100 chaos dungeon points (Aura of Resonance)each day, and every dungeon run consumes 50 of them, maximizing your rewards in the process. To optimize your profit from Chaos Dungeons, you should do them twice each day. On every single one of your level 50 characters. This means that the more characters you have, the better for this particular method. By doing Chaos Dungeons every day on multiple characters, you will also progress your main much quicker, as you can funnel the upgrade materials you get from them to it.


Usually Lost Ark Gold comes from specific timed events like islands, quests, abyssal raids, legion raids, or it can be exchanged for royal crystals or more


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